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Mobile Personal Training

We make working with a professional online personal trainer accessible and affordable.

We build customized fitness and meal plans based on your needs and goals. Follow your custom workouts on your schedule, in any gym, or at home using our app, right from your mobile device or computer.



  • After signing up we will schedule an in house consultation or a consultation via email. We will go over your medical history, exercise experience and food preferences so we can design a program specific to you.

  • No Guesswork! Your personal trainer will get you started on a custom workout and meal plan. You will know exactly what to do each day and each workout.

  • Your fitness program will include video demonstrations and detailed instructions on each exercise by one of our in house personal trainers. Most programs will be designed using our equipment.

  • Ongoing motivation and support throughout your journey.

  • Your personal trainer is always just a click away. If you have questions or need support, you can rely on your trainer to keep you on track.

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Our interactive calendar for you and your trainer gives an overview of your daily scheduled customized workout plan, your customized meal plan and calories for the day, plus your week and month ahead. 

All custom programs are designed based on your fitness level and goals. Every workout shows a video clip and instructions on how to do each exercise. Just take your mobile device with you to the gym, and follow the workout program.

Daily summary of activity level and caloric intake. Progress reports and stats to help you stay motivated and on path. Add your own before and after pics for more motivation!

Contact us for more info on our mobile training programs.


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