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Personal Training

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Personal training is the core of San Diego Fit Pros therefore we pride ourselves on providing professional and experienced personal trainers in the San Diego, UTC area. Our personal trainers offer consistency and results by educating our clients on how to incorporate healthy, sustainable habits into their busy schedule that work within their current lifestyle. By working within the parameters of your day to day schedule, our personal training programs create a path of success that is both obtainable and realistic. No, lose weight fast gimmicky diets or magic pills, just solid fitness training principles that incorporate sound nutritional habits and supportive and motivating personal training sessions designed for your specific goals!

We have helped hundreds of clients improve their health and tone their bodies with our fat burning and weight loss programs and we are 100% confident that your experience with us will be like no other. Because we know that our personal trainers, our training methods, and our philosophy are unmatched by most.

Our San Diego personal trainers, are all experienced, certified and insured. They are available to meet you any time between 6am and 9pm.

After signing up for your program, on your first visit you will meet with your trainer for an initial assessment, which includes:

  • Going over your health and fitness goal plan and strategy.

  • Health screening and medical history.

  • Body fat analysis and measurements.

  • Before pictures. (We take these for you to see the progress you have made.)

  • Nutritional guidance plan based on foods you will enjoy eating. 80% of your results come from your nutritional habits!

It Will Not Be Easy! You Will Sweat! Our programs are challenging and they take dedication and action on your part. We require 100% effort from all of our clients, each and every time you come in. There may be times when you will want to curse at your personal trainer! But after a few short weeks when you see the pounds and inches are falling off, it will all become apparent why it’s worth it.

Because our personal trainers are in high demand, we are not here to waste our time or yours. If you aren’t someone who is ready to take Serious Action to obtain your health and fitness weight goals, if you can not commit yourself to following our minimum 6 month program and working out 3 to 5 x per week, if you’re not willing to follow a sensible nutrition program, or you need someone’s approval before you start, then I suggest you leave this site now! Our clients get amazing results because they take charge of their fitness and weight loss wants and needs, they work very hard, follow their program and they work with some of the best trainers in town! The only way to succeed is to hold yourself accountable to it. Alot of people want to change, but then find every way under the sun to make excuses. Well…The time for excuses is over!

So if you are Ready to take that next step, send us a text message to 619-944-FITT (3488) or schedule your no obligation Fitness consultation and a fitness “Test Drive” by filling out the form below! 

Thank You

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